Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Pants for Spring!- UPDATE

There is nothing like a great pair of spring pants.
 I found a Vogue pants pattern that I absolutely LOVE!  It's Vogue1294, Anne Klein.  The pattern is so versatile; I can make winter pants, spring or summer pants.  It's easy to sew up and requires very little fitting for me.  This pattern is my go to pattern for pants.  I had two bright stretch sateen from last season, so off I went to sew me some pants!  Can I make these pants in every colour of the rainbow?  I would love to know, what are your go to pants patterns? :)


  1. So cute!!!!! I love the color choices you made. Looks excellent on you.

  2. Sharon' the pantsare beautiful, they fit so nice, well done
    Which pattern is it?

  3. I have made a few pairs recently. I think the stretch sateen is perfect!

    1. love anything with a bit of stretch.


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