Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Reveal

Okay, so with a little extra effort, I managed to finish the Newspaper Dress that I was working on here.  This dress is absolutely AWESOME!  I have so much to say about this dress, where do I begin?

Fabric: It's a 100% cotton fabric that my dearest mother in law purchased for me.  When I first saw this fabric on, I fell in love with the print, more specifically the images and the stories.  The are cute, funny and are all about sewing and quilting. Once I had the fabric, I couldn't decide - what was I going to make with it?  I looked through all of my sewing patterns, and decided on a frankenpattern

Pattern:  I used the bodice of the McCall's 6896 top, that I created here and here and the skirt of McCall's 6554 dress that I created here.

The Design:
I started with a muslin first to ensure that the two patterns would fit together.  The fabric is a bit see-through and so I needed to create a lining for the dress.  For the lining, I used a mauve satin lining. I originally was only going to line the skirt, but loved the feel of the satin so much, I decided to line the whole dress.

I had to do a FBA to the bodice, shortened the skirt about 1", created 3/4 length sleeves and deepened the neckline by 1/2".  


  1. Turned out perfect Sharon, Nice Job. Love newsprint fabric!

    1. Thanks Joe, it was my first experience and loved it.

  2. Clever pattern mash- great result !

  3. Girl, you'll keep everyone reading! Very pretty and interesting dress.


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