Tuesday, 9 September 2014

#Newfoundland Excursion

Morning, morning, morning.  I have been pretty quiet on here as of late.  This summer has been quite busy for me.  I will post some pictures of our family vacation to Newfoundland, Canada over the next few posts.
 What I will say is that the people are amazingly friendly, the province is picturesque and the seafood is like no other.  I know that my vacation has nothing really to do with sewing, but it does give some insight into my life outside of sewing!

We rented an amazing cottage in Lower Island Cove, which  is approx. 90 mins outside of St. John's.  The view from the cottage was so wonderful. A clear easterly view to the Atlantic Ocean, which was about 75 metres away.  

We went hiking all over, but my favourite was the boardwalk in Grates Cove.  As a side note, I had the most amazing Cod fish sandwich from the restaurant there.

Along the boardwalk, we saw lots of wild blueberries and raspberries. So delicious!

More later this week, including our whale watching adventure! Happy Sewing...

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