Monday, 10 March 2014


I am 3 months into my #Ready To Wear Fast 2014 and I have made quite a few pieces at this point.  I have gotten to the point where people now assume that what I am wearing, is something I made.
So naturally, I decided that I might as well make my own clothes labels to attach to my garments!  Coming up with a name for the label was easy; I named it after my "mini me".  Needless to say, she was thrilled and now reminds me every time I finish a project.  She comes running over to give me a label..."mommy, don't forget to put the label on" lol.

I purchased my labels from #Inkedpapers from Etsy.  The seller was lovely, asked for my design idea, I had a wide variety of fonts to choose from and the shipping was quick!  Now, I am officially ready to venture into the world of fashion sewing. ;)   Next stop, getting over my fear of sewing for others (besides my "mini me").  First muse, my mother!


  1. Too cute!
    I'm getting ready to make some myself! Hope mine come out just as nice :-)

  2. I had been wanting labels for years. I planned to make some with my embroidery machine and ribbon or twill. I finally broke down and bought some. Mine arrived last week. It was so exciting. It makes me feel like my sewing is REAL.

  3. Awesome. Ponte Roma is my drug of choice and I keep plenty of it on hand.


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