Thursday, 23 October 2014

DIY Mini Dress and Radio Silence

I've been MIA for awhile; it does not mean that I've not been sewing.  Unfortunately, for the past few weeks, I did not have access to the internet so that I could actually post.  It's amazing how liberated yet lost you can feel when you are without WIFI.

I was the generation where the internet was just starting when I was in university, so I can remember a time when we did not have social media.  YET, now we often live our lives around the world wide web.  I am happy to report that "I am back, baby!"  I have a few creations that I have to show you over the next few days.  To start, here is my latest version of the fall mini dress.  If you remember, I made this dress in a Black and White print here. One thing that is different, the cuffs on this dress require cuff links.  I used the cuff links to add a pop of colour to this dress. I used a stretch cotton that can be used both in the fall and probably in the spring as well.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Welcome back! This dress is gorgeous and the material is so classic looking.

  2. Perfect fabric for a lovely dress. I love the fuller skirt.


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