Saturday, 3 January 2015

Crocheted Socks...first attempt!

I figure I better start my 2015 challenge off right. Here is my first attempt at crocheting socks.  I have had some crocheting experience and so, for me, it was a matter of following a pattern.
In the past, when I crocheted, I never really created something that I need to follow a pattern.  I have always crocheted 'granny squares' to make a simply blanket, or a few simply dc to create a scarf. 

Following a specific pattern can be challenging, there is a lot of counting involved and variation of stitches.  

Here's what I have done so far...The multicolor sock was a test sock.  I wanted to see how the pattern would turn out.  I used as yarn that I had laying around.  It was actually made from a cotton yard.  I had to  use a different colour for the heel ( I ran out of the original yarn)

Here's my first attempt at the full pattern.  They are knee- high boot socks.  Not bad.  I used a thick wool yard in silver.  I will definitely attempt this pattern again.  The first sock turned out a bit looser than the second and so I need to work on the fit of the socks for the next time.

Mini Me wanted a pair too so here is what we created.  She made a special request, that the heel be made in black.


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