Sunday, 30 November 2014

Cocoon Sweater

This is just a really quick post about my #Mimi G Cocoon Sweater tutorial.
 It is quick, easy and amazing.  She really takes you step by step to make a made to measure garment.  This project took me just under 1 hr. to complete from start to finish.  Sizing isn't a problem, sleeves are a perfect fit and you can make it from a variety of fabrics.  I will probably make at least 1 more in the near future.

 Happy Sewing!


  1. Super cute style on you, and a great color too. Makes me anxious for spring!

  2. This looks so cosy and comfortable, the perfect garment to relax in - particularly when your home is a bit drafty: this wrap would be so useful!
    I love the bright colour and I am now wondering which of my fabrics I can turn into something like that. This is probably a jersey fabric? Is it ribbed?
    Really great job.

  3. I love this sweater...I was thinking of buying this tutorial by Mimi G and now I definitely will. I love the colour you made too! Great sweater on you!


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