Thursday, 20 November 2014

#DIY Striped Hooded dress

So I have been on a stripe kick lately; I am enjoying the fabrics with stripes of all kinds.  I found this Ponte Roma double knit material at my local fabric store.
 I couldn't wait to make something from this fabric.  This dress is was created from a "frankenpattern". I used the bodice of the Burda#6847 and the hood and front facing of Vogue#8951

-Shorten the length of the dress by 2".
-Shorten the length of the sleeves by 2"
-Place the front bodice piece on the fold
-Used a front facing to create V-neck.

The most fun was matching the stripes.  It was easier than most matchy-matchy things because the stripes are so thick.  It was still a bit annoying because when you are working with princess seams, matching things can get a little tricky!  I do love when putting two pattern together works out so well.  I will definitely be making another dress in the near future.

 Happy Sewing!

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