Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Patterns Have Arrived!

It continues to be very very very  COLD here!  Thankfully my heart is warm with the arrival of my new patterns (lol) .

 At least once a month Vogue and McCall have a sale on their patterns.  I don't think I have ever paid full price for a Vogue pattern.  When they do have their sale, I tend to load up.  Of course it feels like it takes forever for the patterns to arrive.  BUT man oh man when they arrive it's like Christmas all over again! I squealed with delight as I opened the brown envelope.  I often forget what I had originally order so it's quite a surprise.  On occasion I have been disappointed, wondering "What was I thinking?" when I open the brown envelope and pull out the patterns.  So this time around I purchased 8 patterns (and I am thrilled with all 8).  I was seriously lacking in the shirts/blouse departments so I stocked up on a variety of tops that I can make in heavier fabric for the winter but can switch it up for the summer with lighter materials.

The first pattern I am going to start with is the McCall's M6841 in view C.  What I like most about this pattern is that you can use a various materials to get different looks.  A jersey knit will give you a more casual look, whereas a silk would give you a more "dressy" look.  I have this purple double knit fabric in my stash that I will start with and see how it turns out.  It drapes well and has a good weight to it.

I also have these silk fabrics that I think would looking stunning too! Here I go again, SHINY! Interesting, my hubby wants pocket squares made for his suits from these silky, shiny, fabrics.

Wish me luck!

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