Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Pattern--New Top---Disaster Strikes!

I am so excited with all the new fabric that I have acquired.  I am sure  someone out there can relate, I have a stash of fabric that I always say, "I'm gonna make something with that" and then it sits!

 Part of my goal with the #RTW Fast 2014 is to use ALL the fabric in my stash!  But how are you going to use the fabric in your stash if you keep buying, you ask?  Good question!  I haven't given that part of the Fast enough thought.  I think that I have a fabric addiction!  OMG I said it...I am addicted to fabric!  I see a fabric store, I must go in.  Is there help out there for me?  I guess there could be worse things to be addicted to...drugs, alcohol, chocolate (okay, maybe not so bad)  Anyway, when I figure out HOW I am going to get through all this fabric and still feed my fabric addiction, I will let you know.

All this talk about fabric, here are the new additions to my fabric stash and an update on the pattern I am working.

So here are the new additions.
not sure exactly, but it's really soft
sweater knit

 I was just about finished my McCall's pattern, M6841, humming a little tune, when...

Disaster Struck.  In my haste to complete the top, I clearly wasn't pay attention to my under fabric as I am serging the knit...Uh Oh! I cut my fabric!  I'm such an AMATEUR.  No way this would happen to any high end fashion seamstress.  So, in a panic, because of course I HAD to wear it the next day.  I tried  to "fashionable fix" the hole. No such luck.

Two pieces of Good News! One: It didn't stop me from Rockin' It. I used a piece of leftover fabric to patch the hole and then wore a sweater to cover up the "fashionable fix"  Two: Clearly I am a sucker for punishment because it hasn't stopped me from trying this top again.  Wish me luck!

Has that ever happened to you?  Accidentally cutting your fabric? What do you do?  Does anyone have any good patching techniques.  I will definitely need some.

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