Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Leather N' Sheer and Everything Nice!

I am not sure about you, but I found that this week has just flown by.  It seems that as the week goes on, things seem to get busier. I have a busy weekend ahead with birthday parties, dinners and the usual weekend activities.  With all the hustle and bustle of the week, there is always time to sew.
This Ready to Wear Fast has proven to be easier than I thought (so far).  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I LOVE TO SEW!  It doesn't feel like I am giving something up, but rather doing something that brings me great satisfaction and helps to keep my creative juices flowing.  However, every now and again, I get a nagging feeling that I should be in the store, buying something.  One of my strategies to avoid purchasing something is AVOID GOING TO THE STORES.  I have made a conscience decision (and sometimes a lot of will power) not to go into any stores and stop looking for online deals.  I am, however, doing more fabric "window" shopping.  I have not made the leap to purchasing fabric online yet.  For some reason I need to feel the fabric; feel the weight, texture, see the colour.  I haven't gotten good at knowing what the fabric feels like based on the material content.  One thing that I have been doing is taking pictures of the fabric, and the label on the bolt of fabric so that I know what it looks like and the content.  Now I need to move to trusting myself to make some purchases from online stores. Anyway, I will keep you posted if and when I make my first online fabric purchase.

Today I wanted to show you a cute top from Vogue pattern 8950 that I made. Without doing a full review of the pattern, this patterns sewed up very quickly.  There are 3 different views, depending on your length preference and whether you want short or long sleeves.  I sewed View B.  Making a small alterations to the length of the pattern.  I used a faux leather material for the body and a sheer black fabric for the Yoke and Upper sleeves. What I like most about the pattern is the potential to make other things and variations of the garment.  This pattern is a good base pattern that can be used to draft other patterns.  You can change the length, neckline, sleeve styles and Woo Hoo the fabric potential!  I am already thinking that I might make a denim style top. With the denim on top and a stretch jersey on the bottom.  But that is for another day!

How I wore it

If anyone has a lead on any good online fabric stores, please let me know!

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